Weekly horoscope about Virgo


The week begins in a bullish mood: Mercury returns directly from Monday, and all your personal growth considerations now find a slightly more logical rather than philosophical thread. Who knows, the search for meaning is also part of the exploration of new metaverses. Always an optimistic mood in the middle part: Jupiter enters Taurus on Thursday 16 May, supporting those journeys that want to push your limits and reach new horizons. In addition, the new moon in Taurus on Friday the 17th will add feelings of enthusiasm and altruism to this phase. A weekend of volatile moods: Mars moves into Leo on Saturday 20 May, putting your new personal ventures in HODL, in market observation, while the New Sun in Gemini on Sunday 21 May inaugurates your month dedicated to “improving your status in life”, pushing you to check your personal ambitions against the situation around you.