Weekly horoscope about Virgo


To-the-moon at the beginning of the week: you’re back on the crest of the wave, operational and brilliant! More in a pump of concreteness in the following days: you are preparing this “suitcase” of yours for your new evolutionary journey… so serenely and attentive to details, you are setting your new longs! Bullish mood in the central part: Mercury in Virgo from Thursday 4/8 awakens your mental sphere of logic and you return the problem-solving of the zodiac, ready to give birth to fast and scalable smart and innovative ideas! The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 5/8 inspires you to “communicate” and share your new ideas with the nodes of your network and with the original ones you’ve met recently! Weekend with a volatile Sunday: maybe you need to isolate yourself to metabolize the changes!