Weekly horoscope about Virgo


The week starts with a HODLer mood while observing the market: Valentine’s Day with Mercury in Aquarius on Monday 14/2 puts your thoughts on the well-being you experience with your partner. Not only that, the Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday 16/2 puts into lightning-mode all the details you’ve been sensing since the beginning of the month so you can work out the best solution for your situation and put a pump on your courage! In the central part, the mood rises to-the-moon: love and personal projects are doing great, full of satisfaction and expression of your being, who knows how many times you have hidden it in the past, so as not to disappoint others! The entrance of the new Sun in Pisces on Friday 18/2 inaugurates your month dedicated to “hard work“: evaluations begin on collaborations, partners, personal projects with which you feel “married”… Over the weekend, the pump becomes concrete and you check the feasibility of your new ideas.