Weekly horoscope about Virgo


HODLing and observing the market at the beginning of the week: a mood you don’t mind after all. You’ve been very reflective this period, especially about people, projects and situations you feel ‘married’ to. In the middle part, the mood rises to-the-moon, a real pump of enthusiasm and solutions that you were looking forward to seeing in your mental metaverse, always attentive to details. The Full Moon in Virgo on Friday 18/3, then, puts into lightning-mode your inner responses on your “connections”, on the nodes of your network that you now know how to “define”. Weekend sees a bull run in mood: with the new Sun in Aries on Sunday 20/3 you free yourself from the verification period and inaugurate the month dedicated to personal transformation and, as if you were about to change your skin, you meditate on what you want to leave behind to be who you are!