Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Start the week in bullish mood, although Mercury Retrograde in Aries from Monday 1/4 creates slowdowns in your mental metaverse to the changes you are preparing to implement. Perhaps the invitation is to reflect a moment longer on what you are leaving behind, without being in a hurry for the new. You are in a phase where you are transforming certain situations in your life, shortening and liquidating those that no longer represent you and making room for the new. In bull run of mood in the middle part: perhaps an illumination comes along to help you find important solutions. In pump&dump mood in the final part even if the new Venus in Aries on Friday 5/4 asks you to transgress in the relationship sector, maybe you need to “dare” a little more with someone to consider then welcoming them into your life. On Sunday, the mood is open-source, ready to welcome interesting news!