Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Mood volatility at the beginning of the week: the new Sun in Sagittarius on Monday 22/11 inaugurates your month dedicated to “veifying” on matters concerning home and family. Perhaps new relocations or renovations, or just some changes affecting your family of origin or created by you put you on alert. Mercury in Sagittarius on Wednesday 24/11 adds this situation also in your mental sphere, and your thoughts go into FUD and FOMO. You may lose some of your usual clarity. Keep calm. Luckily, relationships are wrapped up in concrete involvement, where you express yourself at the top of your game and, at least in this context, you’ll be able to assess who really supports you for better or worse! Over the weekend the mood rises to-the-moon: a trip out of town or some new opportunity momentarily frees your mind and you go back to breathing!