Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Bullish mood early in the week: you’re more precise and detail-oriented about the “home&family” issues you’re experiencing now. But in the middle part you go into a mood pump&dump: the First Quarter Moon in Pisces on Wednesday 30/11 puts you FUD and FOMO by going back to being more indecisive than before about decisions to make about moving house or a new role in the family that you’re now experiencing. Luckily, you’re already more in bullish mood in the latter part: air of renewal arrives to charge you, finding your way back to your immediate and logical problem-solving performance. Relationships, however, are still put on the back burner, with expectations even in your negotiations at work. Sunday more in a mood pump: a desire for a more exploratory situation, perhaps a philosophical or personal growth metaverse is what you need!