Weekly horoscope about Virgo


The week starts with a rather volatile mood: with the New Moon in Gemini on Monday 30/5 you meditate on your status in life and what direction you want to take for improvement. You are in focus on the overall structure, from work to relationships, and wonder how you want to proceed. More in mood balance in the middle: you feel that you want to start new personal projects in a different way than you usually do. In emotional relationships, on the other hand, you show yourself more eager for movement, physical travel and in the metaverse… you want to surround yourself with nodes that show you new horizons to explore. Weekend in HODL-mode, observing the market that surrounds you: you have more desire to analyze than to act… while Saturn Retrograde from Saturday 4/6 forces you to slow down your race for ‘personal well-being’ and to evaluate how you have experienced this sector up to now