news price bitcoin

The latest news on the price of Bitcoin (BTC)

The day turns positive with a prevalence of green signs for 80% of cryptocurrencies

US CFTC opens investigation against the BitMEX exchange

The trading platform would be allowing US residents to register and use the platform
ben mezrich libra amazon

Ben Mezrich: “Libra should have been made by Amazon”

The project can't have the support of the people because they don't trust Facebook
india regulation cryptocurrencies

India: no regulation or ban on cryptocurrencies

At last, the Indian Minister of Finance clarifies the state of regulation on cryptocurrencies in the country and of the alleged ban
vechain foundation jur

VeChain Foundation invests in Jur

The financing round was completed thanks to a strategic agreement
charlie lee warren buffett bitcoin

Charlie Lee: “Warren Buffett will never invest in bitcoin (BTC)”

The knowledgeable scientist and creator of Litecoin shares his opinion before the famous lunch with Warren Buffett
binance jersey bgbp stablecoin

Binance Jersey lists the BGBP stablecoin

The cryptocurrency is anchored to the price of the British pound
china bitcoin legal commodity

China: Bitcoin declared “Legal Commodity”

A Chinese court has delivered a ruling in which it recognises BTC as being legal
facebook consumers libra crypto

Facebook: consumers call for a boycott of the Libra “crypto”

There's fear of it being a project that's unclear and with money laundering problems