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Circle launches “native” USDC stablecoin on Polygon network

The fintech company is partnering with to promote remittances denominated in USD Coin

Crypto News: Circle integrates its CCTP with Cosmos to transfer USDCs

Technical marvel promises to simplify USDC transfers between blockchain networks

Coinbase buys a minority stake in Circle and USD Coin expands its reach to more blockchains

USDC will now be supported by 15 blockchains in total

Circle: the USDC stablecoin is mostly used outside the US

Adoption is expanding primarily in Asia, Latin America and Africa

Circle: USDC stablecoin capitalization halved

After the highs recorded with the Terra/Luna implosion, a long decline has begun

Circle launches Programmable Wallets: web3 wallet for crypto, NFTs, dApps

This is the first wallet-as-a-service from the issuer of USDC dedicated to developers

Aussie Fintech Stables in collaboration with Mastercard and Circle, launch first stablecoin crypto card

The virtual card will allow users to spend their stablecoin balance easily and securely

Circle launches the new protocol for transferring USD Coin

This is the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP)

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