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Decentralized Fund Management Platform DeSyn Launch Liquidity Restaking Fund, Enjoy triple points for Eigenlayer, Renzo, and DeSyn

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, February 6th, 2024, ChainwireAfter a period of tranquility, the Ethereum ecosystem is gradually regaining momentum with the rise of the...

Revolutionizing Decentralized Apps and Smart Contracts – Attracting BNB Investors?

Revolutionising decentralised apps and smart contracts - attracting investors to BNB? See all the details below.

Streamr Announces the Start of Testnet 2 for the Decentralized Streamr Network 1.0 – Paving the Way for Next-Gen Data Broadcasting.docx

This second incentivized testnet, starting on 21st December and concluding on 8th January 2024

Worldcoin and decentralized authentication on Shopify, Mercado Libre, Minecraft, Reddit, and Telegram.

The decentralized collaboration of Worldcoin with Shopify, Telegram, and Reddit

Crypto-innovation in decentralized finance: the Centrifuge case

A revolutionary protocol for small business access to credit

Nym crypto project launches decentralized VPN to provide more privacy for blockchain users

This decentralized VPN, which will be called NymVPN, will be available starting in Q1 2024

Polygon’s crypto community proposes the establishment of a “protocol council” to support the decentralized ecosystem

Yesterday, with PIP-29 the community of Ethereum's layer-2 proposed the establishment of a "protocol council"

TYRION Advances Decentralized Advertising with Strategic Move to Coinbase’s Base Chain

In an exhilarating development in the world of crypto and blockchain

Decentralized venture capital project ScarabDAO looks promising as a top crypto to hold in 2024

One project has been steadily garnering attention in DeFi as a top contender for investors' portfolios in 2024.

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