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Crypto news: Binance withdraws its application for a license in Germany as it seeks to comply with MiCA guidelines

Binance closes this chapter by scaling back its presence in the European territory

Litecoin Transaction Volume Surges, Polygon and Borroe Attract Whales Seeking Astronomical Profits

With the surging transaction volume in Litecoin (LTC) and the launch of Polygon 2.0, the cryptocurrency space is in a state of flux.

Starbucks and Micah Johnson join forces for Aku NFT project

The partnership between the famous coffee chain and world-renowned NFT artist

The impact of EU crypto regulations: will MiCA 2.0 be necessary?

The implications of current EU crypto regulations and possible future developments with MiCA 2.0

Crypto regulation: a new MiCA is needed

The new version should also contain provisions on DeFi and NFTs

Chainalysis: crypto companies need to prepare for the MiCA

It could take several months to get licenses, so crypto companies that want to operate in the EU should gear up

EU finance ministers approve MiCA crypto regulation: what will happen next?

MiCA legislation on cryptocurrencies approved by the EU

French Regulators May Expedite Actions On MiCA; Avalanche, Floki, & Grow

The French cryptocurrency landscape is about to witness some exciting developments as the regulators ponder on fast-tracking its approach to EU crypto rules for registered firms.

MiCA: All excited about new crypto regulation

Most European blockchain project founders are enthusiastic

MiCA: comments from Binance, Coinbase and Ripple

The comments are positive, but with some critical points that deserve further study

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