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The NFT universe: an in-depth analysis by “The Everything Token”

The vision of Kaczynski and Kominers within the NFT landscape

The closure of GameStop’s NFT market signals a change of wind in Web3

The decision comes after X has discontinued the profile picture function of NFT.

Azuki NFT: the price skyrockets thanks to rumors of a partnership with Weeb3 Foundation

The sharing of the tweet has generated an increase in the floor price of Non-Fungible Tokens.

SBI Holdings presents the launch of NFTs on the XRP Ledger

SBI Holdings, a strategic ally of Ripple in cross-border payments, is leading an innovative initiative to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the XRP Ledger. SBI Holdings, a partner of Ripple, is launching NFTs on the XRP Ledger for EXPO2025. The important ally of Ripple in the cross-border payment remittance sector has revealed the intention to issue […]

Sorare NFT fantasy sport launches Rivals: the live game for fans

Even the former Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué, is a new coach.

The tweet about Gensler’s compromise has become an Ordinal NFT

Now on the Bitcoin blockchain there is a kind of NFT with the image of that tweet.

Mercedes brings the app for cars with NFT art gallery to CES 2024

The new feature allows owners to showcase their Non-Fungible Token galleries.

The Ordinals in the NFT market: Trump’s earnings and the controversial debate

Donald Trump collects profits from NFTs: latest updates

NFT Market Shows Recovery as Memecoin with NFT Functions Nears $2 Million

While the recent improvements are encouraging, it's essential to view them with a critical eye. The Ethereum NFT market is still over 96% below its early 2022 peak

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