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Investing in the metaverse: the UBS analysis

The famous Swiss bank has added the metaverse to its list of long-term investments.

Ethereum-based NFT marketplace collaborates with Maison Ruinart

BlockBar and Maison Ruinart's agreements also include Jeppe Hein's limited edition offering

European blockchain convention 2023

Europe’s most influential blockchain & crypto event returns to Barcelona

Solana launches the first Crypto-Smartphone

In partnership with OSOM, Solana unveils what "Saga" is

Official Star Wars NFTs are coming

For the first time an officially licensed IP will be represented in the form of non-fungible tokens

Epic Games: $30 million for the metaverse

This is the Hadean metaverse infrastructure, already in development for years and growing rapidly

The Sandbox: crypto winter does not affect the metaverse

The CEO of the blockchain game, Mathieu Nouzareth, explains his vision

Gaming: from PlayStation to Web3

New AAA game based on Hedera network coming soon, produced by veterans of PlayStation games

Meta, eBay, KnownOrigin: the latest news on metaverse and NFTs

Lots of news including new ways to monetize content

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