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Justin Sun publishes the screenshot of his $1.6 billion HTX wallet in Bitcoin

The tweet is only meant to show that he is a user of the crypto-exchange for which he is also a consultant.

Satoshi Nakamoto: today his Bitcoin wallet is worth over $56 billion

The inventor of BTC would be in Forbes' list of the richest people in the world at the 25th position.

One million in Bitcoin sent to Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet

Maybe a mistake, from an address somehow connected to the Binance exchange.

Will quantum computing platforms be able to decrypt the private keys of a Bitcoin wallet?

The relationship between quantum computing platforms and the crypto world.

Jack Dorsey’s Block Inc Reveals Bitcoin Hardware Wallet; Altcoin Season Begins With Ethereum (ETH) and Everlodge (ELDG) at the Front

In a significant development within the crypto market, Jack Dorsey's Block Inc. has revealed Bitkey, a new Bitcoin hardware wallet.

Bitcoin: the overwhelming majority of wallets are in profit.

Over 90% of on-chain BTC, which are currently believed to be in profit, have been surpassed.

The historical record of Bitcoin wallets

For the first time in history, the number of addresses with a positive balance has exceeded 50 million.

Some old Bitcoin wallets of whales have been reactivated

Addresses that were created in 2011 and had been inactive since 2017 suddenly reactivated yesterday with big moves

Jack Dorsey: Block is launching its own Bitcoin hardware wallet

It is called BitKey and is in its beta tester phase

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