binance margin trading

Binance: new assets available for margin trading

The exchange announced a few minutes ago the news regarding the new pairs
bitcoin btc price volatile

Bitcoin (BTC): the time of day when the price is most volatile

Longhash has compiled a report that shows the times when the trend of the cryptocurrency has even more ups and downs than usual
japan cryptocurrency payments

Japan a cryptocurrency payments network as an alternative to SWIFT

The aim would be to improve the analytical skills of law enforcement agencies in combating money laundering practices
Lightning Network blockstream

Blockstream announces Lightning Network update

This new release of C-lightning introduces several improvements that make the network faster and more efficient
grin coin hard fork

Beam, Grin and their relative hard forks

The announcements were posted on Twitter by the two development teams
coinbase Trading signals

Coinbase launches new service which provides crypto trading signals

The exchange provides a free new tool for all traders
bitcoincom wallet fio consortium

The wallet joins the Blockchain FIO consortium

One of the major cryptocurrency wallets enters the Foundation for Interwallet Operability
vechain record transactions

VeChain (VET) breaks the record of 1 million transactions

The increase in the number of transactions signals the growing adoption of blockchain solutions by the industry
money laundering dollar bitcoin

Money laundering: the dollar beats bitcoin 800 to 1

Concerns about the possibility of BTC damaging the current financial system appear to be far overestimated