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Circle launches the new protocol for transferring USD Coin

This is the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP)

Circle’s CEO reassured his investors: 100% of the USDC stablecoin’s reserves are safe

Despite the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, Circle has managed to stay on its feet

DigiToads, Merit Circle & Decentraland top analysts picks for March 2023

DigiToads is more than just a meme coin. It's a complete ecosystem that promises its users excitement, entertainment, and utility.

USDC: has Circle been blocked by the SEC?

Fake news circulated yesterday, whose denial, however, did not seem sufficient to dispel all doubts

Circle crypto news: USDC’s circulating supply declined by $1 billion in 7 days

Indication that the crypto market is experiencing a significant downturn

Circle and Ripple (XRP) at WEF: crypto, blockchain and the integration of DeFi and traditional finance

As part of the World Economic Forum, Circle and Ripple reflect on Davos 2023

Circle regarding its USDC crypto: a dollar with super powers. Statements made at WEF

Circle's statements at the World Economic Forum: we need to focus on inclusive growth

Circle continues to increase reserves for USDC

30% is being managed by BlackRock

USDC: Circle’s stablecoin reserves in a Blackrock fund

The goal is to minimize risks, which are ever-present even when dealing with fully collateralized stablecoins

CEO of Circle comments on Binance’s new move

This move will only bring a greater influx of USDC into the Binance ecosystem

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