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MakerDAO is now fully decentralized

The Maker Foundation has officially announced its dissolution and a return to its roots

Governance issues for MakerDAO

Last week the community voted to increase the surplus buffer

MakerDAO: MANA added as collateral

There are now 7 tokens for creating the DAI stablecoin

MakerDAO: winners of the gaming tournament announced

A total of 13,000 DAI as prize money had been placed up for grabs for those who had created practical uses for this stablecoin

A lawsuit against MakerDAO by the users of the stablecoin

Following the massive liquidations of DAI's ETH collateral on March 12th, an investor filed a complaint against the Maker Foundation

Liquidity needed: Covid19 brings USDC to MakerDAO protocol

A strategic move that will increase DAI's liquidity by facilitating its return to the stability of one dollar

ETHDenver: MakerDAO, Fulcrum and the risks of DeFi

Through the words of Mario Conti, the company describes the decentralized finance of Ethereum today

MakerDAO: interest rates on the rise

Voting is nearing completion, possibly raising the DAI Savings Rate (DSR) to 7.75%, from the current 6%.

Las Vegas: MakerDAO is the only crypto present at CES 2020

The decentralized stablecoin has its own booth in the "digital money" section of the Consumer Electronics Show

New updates from MakerDAO as DAI overtakes SAI

A survey to change the governance of the blockchain

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