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MiCA and TFR at the finish line

The path to their final approval

Crypto regulation in Europe: here is the final text of the MiCA

What is next for the crypto market?

The new European regulation for crypto called MiCa

It could be approved within a month, but will not come into force until the end of 2024

DeFi and the MiCA: another missed opportunity

A shortcoming in definitions and interpretations that can be dealt with in several ways

MiCA – Europe says: “NFTs? You’ll find out in the next installment”

The treatment and interpretation of references to NFTs by the MiCA regulation

The European Council approves MiCA regulation for the crypto market

This new regulation for the sector in the European Union will not come into effect until 2024

The MiCA is a reality

The MiCA, otherwise referred to as MiCAR (Market in Crypto Asset Regulation), has finally been approved in a piece of work involving the European Parliament, European Council and European Commission

MICA draftsman sells his own NFTs

The MICA, the core legislative framework on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, tokens and financial instruments is in the home stretch, the framework will cover all European Union countries but there are still some knots to unravel regarding NFTs. 

MiCa: a provisional agreement was reached

The stated goal of this intervention is to protect investors and preserve financial stability

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