buy with bitcoin

Travel and flights: how to buy with bitcoin

Here are the main web platforms where you can buy an airline ticket with cryptocurrencies
Today marks

Today marks a tremendous awakening for cryptocurrencies

Today marks a tremendous awakening for cryptocurrencies
CBOE future

CBOE, “The entire crypto market is a fifth of Apple”

Chris Concannon, President and COO of the exchange talks about their project of a bitcoin ETF
jamaica stock exchange

The Jamaica Stock Exchange opens to crypto trading

The stock exchange of the Caribbean island announces a memorandum of understanding with the Blockstation startup to offer a digital coin trading service
vitalik reddit

Hoskinson vs Vitalik Reddit debate on their projects

A fierce Reddit debate between the creators of Ethereum and Cardano. Both accuse each other of "weaknesses" in their respective projects
Bitshares browser plugin

An experimental Bitshares browser plugin has been released

Developer Fabian Schuh has released the code for an experimental Google Chrome plugin
John McAfee CEO

John McAfee CEO of Luxcore

The project for which he has already been a consultant since April offered him the position of Managing Director. He accepted and tweeted about it

Bitmain mining giant accused of manipulating BCH prices

The mining giant, increasingly close to their billion-dollar IPO, owns BCHs in large quantities. And there are those who suspect that they can use them to influence prices
Chrome Icarus

Cardano launches Google Chrome Icarus extension

In a video, the founder of ADA talks about a new project to make cryptocurrencies easier to use