binance syscoin

Binance Syscoin hacked, but CEO assures: “Everything’s alright’’

Binance Syscoin hack: Moments of fear for Binance and its clients. Last night, in fact, the news that a single Syscoin (SYS) was sold for...
crypto in red

Not the greatest Wednesday, crypto in red

Among the weaker ones we find Cardano at -9%, followed by Icon (ICX), Nem (XEM), OmiseGo (OMG) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with a fall between 6 and 8%. Bitcoin holds dominance
blockchain adoption

Industry Leaders Discuss Blockchain Adoption, a lecture in Zugo

Thursday July the 5th an event in the Swiss Crypto Valley, dedicated to the adoption processes in block technology in companies
austria cryptocurrencies

For Austria cryptocurrencies are security

The Vienna financial control body highlights the need for supervision of ICOs and virtual currencies

Cryptomania infects soccer, basketball and F1

It is worth mentioning the initiatives of the Colombian football association James Rodriguez, who launched a personalized crypto aimed at the fans, and of the driver Fernando Alonso, who has sealed a very special partnership with Kodak.
kriptan network

Kriptan Network for an improved global identity verification

A few weeks ago, during the ICO Race event held in Lugano, we interviewed an interesting new ICO that is working in the digital identity industry
btcc exchange

The Chinese BTCC exchange reopens, no fees for three months

After escaping the government ban, the oldest exchange of the Dragon reappears in London with a new website. Vice-President Aaron Choi: "Soon a token"
track products

FSA applies the blockchain to track products

A trial project placed in a cattle slaughterhouse to use the ledger distributor in the process of food refurbishment.
ethereum network

The congestion of the Ethereum network

The congestion of the Ethereum network, also linked to the many air drops, causes delays and blockages in transactions. And co-founder Buterin launches his proposal