cryptocurrency exchange market

Crypto exchange market: Bitcoin and Ethereum queens of trade

The attempt to react to the rise proves to be a technical rebound generated by important coverings of downward short positions.
cryptocurrency matters

Why Cryptocurrency Matters

On my last piece I defended the idea that the market will experience a bubble due to the fact people over-hype projects and don’t truly understand the relationship between money and technology.
Locktrip token

Travelling with the Locktrip token

The project aims to offer hotels and accommodations without passing through intermediaries such as Booking, Tripadvisor or AirBnB
exchange rare bits

A new exchange Rare Bits , a competitor to ebay

A new exchange platform with online sales takes off. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to eliminate the barriers between crypto and consumers.
ethereum blockchain

Vitalik Buterin : How to scale the Ethereum blockchain?

The founder of Ethereum describes possible ways to solve the biggest problem of all the blockchains. And he talks about sharding, Plasma and Casper
Ethereum governance

Alongside EOS, Ethereum governance can also freeze accounts

The great indignation that has affected Larimer's creature on the subject of governance does not take into account the fact that its main competitor can do the same
Alibaba blockchain

Alibaba blockchain: three-second transactions

Ant Financial, a subsidiary of the Chinese giant, has confirmed a fast blockchain transaction between its AliPayHK app and a Filipino app called Gcash
crypto market today

Crypto market today: bounce signals after the storm

A weekend of fear saw prices fall to their lowest levels since last February. The sector is now recovering, with ONT at +21%, followed by Monero, Ethereum Classic and Eos
China crypto ranking

China crypto ranking, Eos is in first place

The project for the ranking of digital currencies by a government body has been revised. EOS places itself in first place