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US: a new task force against crypto scams

Established in Arizona, it will mainly investigate money laundering through the use of cryptocurrencies

Cardano co-founder claims Ethereum Classic (ETC) is now a scam

Charles Hoskinson lashes out on Twitter and calls the crypto project nothing but "anger and toxicity"

Crypto fraud: one person created 114 scam coins in one month

An Ethereum address discovered that in the past month and a half created as many as 114 new tokens that lost value almost immediately after being listed

An NFT trader sells most of his Bored Ape after losing $4 million to a scam

The estimated loss amounts to more than 2,000 ETH

How to Avoid Scams and Trade Crypto with Confidence

While you need to be careful and take the precautions outlined above, the right platform can offer lucrative opportunities.

Crypto Queen: OneCoin scammer on the run from FBI for five years

Ruja Ignatova had been instrumental in the $4 billion scam

Crypto scams experience a drastic decline

456.8 million is the amount extorted by ransomware in 2022

A focus on the scams that have affected the crypto world

2022 was a very difficult year for the crypto world

The letter from Gemini co-founder Winklevoss: the scam to the detriment of the Earn program

Cameron Winklevoss accuses Barry Silbert: he is unsuitable as CEO of DGC

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