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Bitcoin mining: over 93% extracted before the fourth halving

In the mining landscape, Bitcoin represents a beacon of scarcity, with over 93% of the supply already mined before the fourth halving.

Navigate in Nvidia: Sean Peche and Bitcoin mining

In the wake of Nvidia's lightning-fast rise, Sean Peche urges caution amidst the fervor of Bitcoin mining innovation.

Russia invests in Bitcoin mining and becomes the second superpower in the world in terms of computing power

The news comes following a strategic investment by the country.

Bitcoin mining: hashrate drops by 25% in Texas

The mining companies have been forced to reduce their energy consumption.

Texas leads the way in Bitcoin mining

Alone it is the third largest state in the world by hashrate, surpassed only by China and Kazakhstan

Nvidia earnings grow thanks to investments in AI and crypto mining

The outcome of Nvidia's earnings report could provide crucial insights

Russia will provide electricity to Kazakhstan for Bitcoin mining

A contract between the two states will allow mining companies to purchase electricity directly from a Russian company

Bitcoin Hashrate: china regains second place in mining

Chinese miners don't seem to think the ban is a big deal

Who is buying Bitcoin?

Curious about the forces driving Bitcoin purchases recently, I found myself on a deep dive into the cryptosphere.

A news in the mining world that has had an impact on the crypto market: Bitcoin miners have significantly depleted their coin reserves, reaching a three-year low. This trend marks a departure from the accumulation strategy observed before the last halving event in May 2020 and comes at a time […]

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