Cryptogo research: Los Angeles the best crypto-lover city
Cryptogo research: Los Angeles the best crypto-lover city

Cryptogo research: Los Angeles the best crypto-lover city

By Giancarlo Donadio - 7 Jun 2018

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Los Angeles is the best holiday destinations for using digital coins. In second place Toronto, while in Europe London is among the best cities to go. This is what Cryptogo states according to its research.

Los Angeles sul podio dei crypto-lover: leggi l’articolo in lingua italiana.

So you can do fancy travels and use cryptos to buy goods and services on holiday, it depends on the city you want to stay in. With the help of a research carried out by Cryptogo you can find out which are the best places for those who choose to combine tourism and cryptocurrencies.

Los Angeles, the city of angels and bitcoins

In the special ranking, the first place is occupied by Los Angeles, queen city for those looking for a destination in a crypto-friendly city.

Analyzing the data that Cryptogo has collected by bringing together services such as Yelp and Coinmap, it emerges that145 crypto ATMs are scattered in the Californian city, with over 878 activities that accept cryptos and as many as 45 meetings and events themed cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Second is Toronto. The Canadian city is famous in the crypto world for hosting Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, who moved there at the age of six. Here we find 120 crypto ATMs, there are 73 activities in which you can buy with cryptos and 43 conferences on blockchain that are held every year.

After that, the United States is still on top, with New York (the world’s second-largest city for crypto ATMs), Atlanta and Miami.

Europe: London and Vienna

Two crypto friendly cities wave the European flag.

London is first.

The English capital defends itself well with its 74 crypto ATMs and 118 activities that accept crypto payments. As a tourist in London, you can also visit the artwork Crypto Connection, which will be inaugurated on June 15: an invitation to reflect on the future of global finance and the impact of new technologies.

Vienna also managed to position itself well in the standings. The Austrian city has a high number of crypto ATMs (78) while there are only about twenty (18 to be precise) activities where cryptos can be used.

The new entry: Prague

The ranking does not take into account many other European cities that are preparing for the invasion of “crypto tourists”. Among these, Prague deserves a mention, it recently installed bitcoin ATMs in ten stations of the three subway lines, we talk about it here

Once in Prague, how can you not visit the Bitcoin Coffee, a coffee shop and coworking space where everything can be paid only with bitcoin. Inside the coffee shop, there is a vending machine where you can easily buy cryptocurrencies with the help of the staff.

Giancarlo Donadio

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