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Latest details for the CryptoCompare & MJAC Blockchain Summit

Taking place at Old Billingsgate on June 13th, the Cryptocompare & MJAC Blockchain Summit will have two different stages: the main stage and the ICO and blockchain stage.

The main stage will host Coinfloor, Coinbase, Ripple, Citi, VanEck, CoinShares, Circle, BlockEx, EY and BP Prime. Instead, the ICO and blockchain stage, sponsored by HiP, will feature ICOs such as CriptoHub, Calero, VReS, NYNJA and UHIVE and a few speeches including:

  •      Brad Marsh, CMO of PACcoin: ‘Profit Whilst Avoiding Market Volatility’  
  •     Kai Peeters, Founder of HiP: ‘The New Way to Finance Property’
  •      Giacomo Zucco, Founder of BHB Network: ‘The ICO Triangle’
  •     Joshua Riddett, Founder & Managing Director of Easy Crypto Hunter: ‘Crypto Mining: Are Money Making Machines too Good to be True?’
  •      Daniel Rabetti, Financial Economist & PhD in Capital Markets Research at The London School of Economics and Political Science: The Determinants of ICOs and Tokens’ Performance.

The ICO & Blockchain Stage will also host the Best ICO Pitch Award.

Other companies that will present their projects on the ICO and blockchain stage are the following: eLocation, NYNJA, Attrace, HiP, Elevate Group, Bank52, ParkinGo, UHIVE Social Network, BHB Network, HooYu, EY, Kinesis, CritpoHub, VReS, ICOVO, Easy Crypto Hunter, PACcoin, Baanx.com, WhenHub, Calero, Game Protocol, Cold Storage Coins, CoTrader, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Olshansky and Partners, DealCoi, and Inmediate

The CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit is taking place at Old Billingsgate, 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018.

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