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pOsti, the Italian startup creates a blockchain platform dedicated to food

Blockchain technology enters the Italian food sector thanks to the Roman startup pOsti. The startup developed a platform that protects the ‘Made in Italy‘ food and wine heritage thanks to traceability and certification of the original regional recipes. This project was awarded a prize by Confcommercio.

The idea of the pOsti project is to create value by certifying the end-to-end quality of traditional recipes from every single region of Italy, using the technological innovation offered by the blockchain.

Every step of the supply chain is encoded on the blockchain for every single traditional recipe, recording all the narrative, raw materials, composition, processing and cooking method up to the final dish, also including certifications of authenticity demonstrated by cultural institutions and chefs of the ancient tradition.

The document on the blockchain will also include post-consumption, so that each individual consumer can leave their review, thus creating, according to pOsti, a real meeting place between suppliers, food and wine enthusiasts and curious people.

Using blockchain, pOsti implements an innovative idea in the food sector that preserves and protects the ‘Made in Italy’ with the characteristics of transparency, authenticity and immutability offered by the technology, thus creating a format that maintains high quality standards, an idea that if it works in Italy, can be replicated and exported abroad.

The company pOsti s.r.l. was founded this year, it has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome in the food sector as well as in the register of innovative start-ups. Virgilio Maretto is the Co-Founder and CEO.

The startup has been awarded by Confcommercio in collaboration with the COTEC Foundation, dedicated to technological innovation, through the Jury of the National Award for Innovation in Services 2018.

Virgilio Maretto commented:

Eating, genuinely, responsibly, safely, healthy and in a beautiful way has become a primary right. pOsti, thanks to historical research, blockchain technology and the NACCP process wants to guarantee ‘narrative, food and nutritional safety’. Today, producers and restaurateurs, responsible for defending the authenticity and quality of products, find themselves managing a highly complex and competitive market. But their work can’t be so difficult: the key points are to build trust, guarantee transparency and invest in authenticity“.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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