Elon Musk tweeted “Ethereum”: a test or a joke?
Elon Musk tweeted “Ethereum”: a test or a joke?

Elon Musk tweeted “Ethereum”: a test or a joke?

By Fabio Lugano - 30 Apr 2019

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A tweet of a word, “Ethereum”, from Elon Musk has shaken the cryptocurrency world and caused a rise in the price of ETH.

An unexplainable move, an isolated message followed by another even more enigmatic: “jk“.

A real tweetstorm was born from this single tweet that involved thousands of people, considering the fame of the character:

Justin Sun replied “Tron” and “BitTorrent“, then Bitcoin Magazine intervened with “Bitcoin“.

Vitalik Buterin invited him to the Devcon in October but Elon Musk replied: “Stop giving away free ETH!“.

Why this move?

The second tweet, “jk”, stands for “joke” in English, is this perhaps it?

The tweet mention of the word “Ethereum” caused an explosion of Google searches with a consequent rebound in the price of ETH on exchanges in an otherwise boring day.

It was not a particularly strong movement, or one lasting for a long time, but something happened.

elon musk ethereum

What is the intent behind this message?

Perhaps the intention to engage in some speculation, on his own behalf or on behalf of a third party or simply that he wanted to show the SEC that the weight of his character can go far beyond Tesla and move market prices?

Or, simply, he wanted to prank everyone at a time of particular euphoria.


elon musk ethereum

Fabio Lugano

Graduated with honors from Bocconi University, Fabio is a consultant for companies and wounded shareholders of the Banche Venete. He is also the author of "Scenari Economici", and lecturer and analyst of cryptocurrencies since 2016.

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