Chainlock: a new hardware wallet
Chainlock: a new hardware wallet

Chainlock: a new hardware wallet

By Alfredo de Candia - 29 Jul 2019

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As announced on Chainlock’s official website, the partnership established last November between YOUNIQX Identity and OeSD (Österreichische Staatsdruckerei Austrian State Printing House of Vienna) has led to the creation of a new hardware wallet in the form of a credit card, the Chainlock Card.

chainlock hardware wallet chainlock hardware wallet

This Chainlock hardware wallet has been developed in cooperation with Coinfinity based on its secure entropy technology, allowing the creation of secure private keys.

The Chainlock Card will also feature a dedicated application, available for both iOS and Android, for managing the card wallet, but which will not allow storing the card’s private keys to avoid the risk that they may be stolen due to a breach in the user’s terminal.

As far as the companies involved are concerned, YOUNIQX Identity AG, founded by the Austrian group, is mainly responsible for providing secure and electronic solutions in the form of digital data such as the electronic identity document of citizens, but also the digital identification solution MICK (My Identity Check).

As it uses Coinfinity’s technology, the card can be purchased on the company’s official website at a price of €59.99, with the choice between a card for only bitcoin (BTC) or only ethereum (ETH).

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