Blockchain: the most active companies, the most requested figures and average salaries
Blockchain: the most active companies, the most requested figures and average salaries

Blockchain: the most active companies, the most requested figures and average salaries

By Michele Porta - 3 Aug 2019

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According to research conducted by Glassdoor, the working world linked to the blockchain is constantly growing.

This article will analyse the most active companies, the most requested figures and the average salaries in this sector, according to the strategic market such as the USA.

The average salary

Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job-search websites, has revealed that the average salary for blockchain-related job proposals in the US is $84,884 per year.
This is 61.8% more than the average salary in the United States, which stands at about $52,260 a year.

According to the researchers, the increased remuneration of these jobs can be explained primarily by their geographical location. In fact, the main job offers are located in cities with a high cost of living such as New York and San Francisco.

In addition, these are often high-level jobs as software engineers, which already involve high wages in the traditional market.

blockchain companies average salaries

The research found a marked increase, of 300%, in the opening of new jobs related to the blockchain in the United States compared to the same period last year: as many as 1775 new job proposals, compared to 446 proposals last year.
In addition, recruitment is constantly increasing and the industry seems to be preparing for growing adoption of blockchain technology in the near future.

The most requested figures and the most active companies

By far the most requested job title is that of software engineer, which represents 19% of all job proposals.

All the other required figures, which can be seen in the image below, are quite far away.

blockchain companies average salaries

As previously written, New York City and San Francisco are among the most featured cities in the blockchain job offers in the US and hold respectively 24% and 21% of all new jobs.

It is also interesting to note which American companies are most active in the sector.

blockchain companies average salaries

The most prominent are ConsenSys, perhaps not the best known in terms of brand but very active in the blockchain world, and the giant IBM. Followed by large exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken.

The situation outside the US

Outside the United States, Glassdoor’s study found that London, Singapore, Toronto, Hong Kong and Berlin are the major focal points interested in the blockchain world. In fact, together they account for about 60% of the entire non-US market for job offers.

Other studies in the past have suggested even higher pay for blockchain developers.
According to the Blockchain Salaries Report, published by Blockgram in 2018, the average annual salary for a blockchain developer is $130,000. Salary well above the average pay of a well-experienced software developer, which in the US is about 105 thousand dollars.

The same study also revealed that freelancers in the industry can ask for an hourly pay of between 50 and 100 dollars.

The most prestigious universities confirm the thesis of a flourishing and expanding market. In fact, 42% of the 50 best universities in the world offer at least one course on a topic related to blockchain technology.

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