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The new Panvala token grants have been announced

The Panvala decentralised foundation has announced the third wave of grant winners who were awarded PAN tokens. 

Panvala is encouraging the evolution of the Ethereum network by awarding grants every three months to projects that are working to improve it, covering, for example, security, scalability and infrastructure development. 

Since one of Ethereum’s major problems would be the slow pace with which it evolves over time, Panvala awards grants through its PAN token to Ethereum-based projects. 

This time the winners of the third round of grants have been voted by the public, and they are: 

  • BrightID, a decentralised network, focused on protecting fake accounts; 
  • Gitcoin, a grant system that allows the community to monetise or incentivise the work of open-source software;
  • Plasma Group, which is creating a developer framework for writing Plasma apps;
  • Runtime Verification, which uses execution analysis techniques to improve the security, reliability and credibility of software systems;
  • Status, which is used to create Ethereum 2.0 clients;
  • Tenderly, a smart contract monitoring platform;
  • Upala, a digital identity system as an alternative to state-issued IDs, which distinguishes people from robots and clones.

To date, the foundation, established in 2018, has already funded a total of 19 projects. 

The deadline for submitting applications for the fourth session of grants is August 30th. 

Panvala grants are financed by companies that sponsor the foundation, and by the so-called Panvala Patrons, important members of the Ethereum community who make personal donations. 

Joe Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and an Ethereum contributor, said: 

“Panvala is a perfect example of what we’ve set out to do with Ethereum in general: rethink timeless problems and create more powerful ways for people to cooperate and solve them. Panvala is an exciting new way for our community to fund our shared goals, and I’m happy to support it”.

Patrick MacKay, COO of Runtime Verification, commented: 

“We have long admired the incredible work the Panvala team does each and every day to make the Ethereum ecosystem more robust and secure. For that reason we are humbled and honored to receive this grant. With this award, Runtime Verification will continue on its mission to transform how developers and language designers secure their code, all as part of their transition to a new economy”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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