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TRON (TRX): Justin Sun announces Sun Network V1.0

The TRON Foundation has announced Sun Network V 1.0, a scalability solution for the TRON network. Sun Network V 1.0 aims to expand the capacity of TRON’s mainnet and will also incorporate several projects such as dAppChain, cross-chain communications and smart contract side-chains.

The announcement of Tron Sun Network V 1.0 came, with the usual tweet from CEO Justin Sun.

TRON: Sun Network V 1.0 is ready

This release introduces two big novelties:

  • Reduction of fees for Smart contract transactions with a substantial improvement of the TPS on the mainnet;
  • New important parameters for sidechains: side-chain incentives, transaction rates, transaction confirmation speed, etc…

The dAppChain project aims to increase the scalability of the TRON mainnet and achieve greater security and efficiency as far as dApps are concerned.

TVM, as Justin Sun mentioned, was launched in October 2018 and, to date, there are already over 500 dApps operating on the network. TRON user accounts have recently exceeded 3 million and approximately 410 million transactions have been executed.

Sun believes the developer community will benefit greatly from this update. The code is open-source and is entirely available on GitHub.

The development of TRON is progressing rapidly and there is no shortage of certificates of merit. For example, the CCID research institute ranked it third among the most interesting cryptocurrencies in its July report: in comparison, bitcoin is only eleventh.

The market has reacted positively to the news: TRX scores a +3.3%.