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Everipedia: important update for the encyclopedia

Yesterday Everipedia announced that it has updated its decentralised encyclopedia based on the EOS blockchain.

After the recent launch of the 2.0 platform, which also led to the EOS blockchain switching to the mainnet, the team explained that they are trying to make the whole ecosystem faster.

For example, one of the updates concerned the elimination of the 21-day stake time for IQ tokens: in fact, when creating or editing an article, it was mandatory to stake 50 IQ tokens, whereas now it will be enough for the contribution to be accepted to unlock these funds.

In addition, Everipedia has announced a number of graphical improvements, such as the use of already pre-compiled templates, which means that from now on it will only be necessary to fill the template with content. There will also be the possibility of inserting emojis, editing the URL of the articles, changing the category and, in case of any error, there will be an automatic saving of the draft.

In this latest update, Everipedia has included a new login function: henceforth it will be possible to use Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts and, if using one of these socials, an EOS account will be created with preloaded IQ tokens, allowing the user to vote on the platform.

The team has also declared its support for the Lynx wallet for storing the IQ tokens and voting or making proposals for changes to be made within Everipedia.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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