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11 cryptojacking within Ruby libraries

Recently, thanks to a check made by a developer on some libraries of the Ruby programming language, as many as 11 libraries infected with cryptojacking have been discovered. It is an attack that aims to mine the cryptocurrency on the victim’s terminal.

Of the libraries in RubyGems, 5 of these concern the crypto world, as can be seen from the names themselves, since they refer to some cryptocurrencies, companies in the sector and even wallets. In particular, in fact, there are: doge_coin, coin_base and blockchain_wallet.

Unfortunately, these libraries have been downloaded thousands of times since they appeared at the beginning of July and only a month later did the problem become apparent.

In this sector, the ill-intentioned are always at work and they try to find different strategies and devious systems to infiltrate the victims’ terminals, in order to exploit their hardware, given that the main cryptocurrencies they target are based on PoW (Proof of Work) and they require a considerable amount of power to extract them.

These cryptojacking attacks don’t seem to stop, not least because, as seen in several cases, new versions of crypto mining malware are always being released. For example, recently a version that mines Monero (XMR) was released, not to mention the latest methods such as Access Mining, which installs backdoors in the victims’ terminals.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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