Scaling Bitcoin and EOS? For Daniel Larimer it is possible
Scaling Bitcoin and EOS? For Daniel Larimer it is possible

Scaling Bitcoin and EOS? For Daniel Larimer it is possible

By Alfredo de Candia - 22 Aug 2019

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A few hours ago the CTO of, Daniel Larimer, communicated in a tweet a possible solution to the scalability problem of the Bitcoin and EOS blockchains. 

 As can be read in the tweet, Larimer suggests that there is a way to scale Bitcoin and EOS, while enjoying complete privacy and no fees, claiming that the related Lightning Network system is a waste of time.

 In the following comments, Larimer targets bitcoin maximalists saying that it will be a solution that they will not like as it is a practical and completely decentralised solution.

 “What if there is a tradeoff that many purists will not like, but it is a practical, fully decentralized, solution. What if theoretically it is slightly less secure but practically secure enough for most people?”

 Moreover, Larimer goes on to say that it could also be a solution for remaining protected from the eyes of states in certain situations.

 “What if it could be secure against sovereign within certain use cases?”

It’s hard to understand the meaning of Larimer’s words, but it’s worth remembering that this isn’t the first time this topic has been discussed: just a couple of months ago,’s CEO, Brendan Blumer, also published a tweet about a possible integration of Bitcoin into EOS.


Alfredo de Candia

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