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BitTorrent Live Streaming: internal tests begin

A few hours ago BitTorrent announced that the testing phase of BitTorrent live streaming will begin soon.

BitTorrent Live Streaming or BLive is a platform where users can create video content and share it with other people, earning BTT tokens or other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform will allow live streaming audio, instant messaging and a service for the storage and withdrawal of BTT tokens and other cryptocurrencies via, most likely, a wallet internal to the platform itself.

This platform will give creators a fair reward, as Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent, said:

“With the continuous growth of telecommunication technology and social media, livestreams have gained a tremendous edge and have become the dark horse of online communication,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent. “It gives rise to outstanding content creators who have thousands of followers but don’t get their fair share of advertisements and virtual gifts.”

Some of the advantages of using the BitTorrent Live Streaming platform are:

  • A user base of 100 million monthly users, originating from the BitTorrent ecosystem;
  • A crypto-based system that allows contributing without limits in terms of frozen payments in certain countries;
  • A 7:3 profit-sharing ratio, with 70% going to the platform and 30% to the content provider, whereas traditional platforms in this sector usually have a 9:1 ratio.

The development and testing of the project will end next year, and that’s when the full and stable version will be released. As Justin Sun explained:

“The launch of BLive marks yet another major application of BitTorrent’s decentralized network. It will contribute to TRON’s system building and practical development in a decentralized ecosystem. We hope to get great feedback from BLive’s early users. From there, we can add more features, technologies, and create better experiences and quality service.”

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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