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Crypto donations for Hurricane Dorian

In recent days, several crypto initiatives have been launched to collect cryptocurrency donations for places damaged by Hurricane Dorian. 

In particular, three of these involve leading companies in the crypto sector. 

The first is Tether, who announced its support to help the recovery and reconstruction of The Bahamas in the aftermath of the hurricane. 

The company said they will donate $1 million to Deltec Cares to help. 

They have also set up a special address for those who wish to contribute with a USDT donation:

12Rfdk9N2rNpQYqKzcALnZsoKjTG1if2V3 for USDt Omni, and 0x424993354510156DE7AB3C15aa5CbFE657e7aB78 for 

USDt ERC20. 

Deltec Cares is a non-profit charity established to support both immediate emergency aid and the long-term assistance needed to help survivors recover and rebuild.

It consists of volunteer professionals from the Deltec international group and 100% of all funds raised to provide humanitarian aid will be used to help those in need. 

Another initiative is that of Binance Charity, which reports that according to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent there are 400,000 people in need of immediate food and other aid in The Bahamas, including 13,000 damaged or destroyed homes.

This is why Binance Charity has launched a fundraising campaign for the Hurricane Relief Project. It is possible to make donations in BTC, BNB and XRP, and all donations will be displayed on the blockchain

At this time, 17 donations for the Hurricane Relief Project have been reported to have reached Binance Charity, totalling 0.56 BTC (approximately $5,700) so far. 

Coinbase has also taken action, reporting that Lend a Hand Bahamas has created a Coinbase Commerce account to accept cryptocurrency donations. 

The donations collected will go to initiatives aimed at those who will move from the islands of Abaco or Grand Bahama, the areas most affected by the hurricane, to Nassau. Some funds will also be used for educational programs designed to help displaced people return to their lives once the storm is over. 

A local crypto company also became involved and asked for help via Twitter


PO8 is a blockchain company based in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas Abacos, and has witnessed the devastation firsthand. 

They have set up a first-aid fund and promised to allocate 1 billion PO8 tokens to finance the interventions. Donations will be sent to the BBHDRF, a multi-signature wallet managed by the island administrator of Freeport Grand Bahama, Don Cornish, and the Rotary clubs of the Bahamas. It is possible to donate in BTC and ETH. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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