Cisco and SingularityNET together for the development of AGI technologies
Cisco and SingularityNET together for the development of AGI technologies

Cisco and SingularityNET together for the development of AGI technologies

By Michele Porta - 23 Sep 2019

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SingularityNET, a company active in decentralised AI technology, and Cisco have announced their collaboration for the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technologies.

Artificial General Intelligence

SingularityNET’s AGI technologies include deep neural network techniques, machine vision, natural language and other data types.

Furthermore, a decentralised blockchain-based platform suitable for the implementation of AI technologies across a multitude of markets is being developed.

These technologies have already been previously applied in various fields including finance, genomics, natural language processing, security, gaming and robotics.

The AGI concept was launched in the AI community by Dr. Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin, founders of SingularityNET, in a 2005 book entitled “Artificial General Intelligence”, which has reached a high commercial and media profile only in recent years.

Ben Goertzel said:

“These corporate investments into AGI are occurring not only out of a desire to spur rapid progress toward important research and humanitarian goals, but also because AGI capability is expected to provide tremendous commercial benefit to whomever develops it”.

Collaboration with Cisco

Hugo Latapie, principal engineer at Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office, presented some of Cisco’s collaborative work with SingularityNET at the recent AGI-19 research conference in Shenzhen.

When a member of the public asked him how he thought AGI technology would progress over the next 10-15 years, Latapie responded:

“10 to 15 years is way too far away. We’re going to see AGI elements coming into play this year. Within the next couple years, you’ll start to see tremendously intelligent agents that start to really solve some of the problems that we’re having”.

Latapie shares with Goertzel an ambitious vision of the potential of AGI technology and sees the current Cisco/SingularityNET collaboration as an important step in a wider revolution.

Goertzel observed:

“Cisco is an extremely compatible corporate partner for a project that, like SingularityNET, is focused on AGI and decentralization. Due to the breadth of its business scope, Cisco has a need for AI that generalizes and learns across a lot of different vertical areas. The collaboration between Cisco and SingularityNET has the potential to accelerate things tremendously”.

Cisco also provided support to Gino Yu’s lab at the Hong Kong Poly U to develop SingularityNET technology applications.

SingularityNET recently released the Beta V2 version of its platform, which includes scalability improvements. Further updates are expected by the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

Goertzel also noted:

“The scale of the AGI deployments needed by a partner like Cisco is going to be tremendous, and we are working hard to make sure our AGI tools and our blockchain-based platform is up to the task”.

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