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Bitrefill: topping up SIM card with bitcoin and Lightning Network

Bitrefill is an online platform that allows to top up a SIM card using bitcoin with Lightning Network, as well as other cryptocurrencies. It was one of the first platforms to use Lightning Network in order to significantly reduce network fees.

In the past, in fact, Bitcoin fees have reached very high figures, making the network unusable for small transactions. As a result, the second layer of bitcoin, Lightning Network, has been developed over the years. This solution could allow the adoption of the cryptocurrency in daily payments, as the fees are very low.

Here’s how Bitrefill works and how to use this platform for payments through Lightning Network.

Bitrefill: topping up the phone with bitcoin on the Lightning Network

In order to top up a SIM card by paying with bitcoin on the Lightning Network, simply visit the official Bitrefill website.

Subsequently, it is necessary to enter the phone number in the form provided, making sure that the area code is correct.

Then the appropriate page will open where the amount and the payment system will have to be chosen. It is possible to choose the common credit cuts (5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 euro). Once the email has been entered to receive communications from Bitrefill, it is sufficient to confirm the order by ticking the appropriate box and then choosing the payment method in the green box.

It is possible to choose between the usual cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin, litecoin, dash and dogecoin, or use Lightning Network to pay with bitcoin. Once the payment method has been chosen, it is necessary to make the final confirmation.

At this point, a checkout window will appear, where it is possible to scan the payment address using the QR Code. Alternatively, the address can be copied directly using the shortcut key. The user will have 15 minutes to make the payment.

Once the bitcoins have been sent from one of the wallets capable of supporting LN, a confirmation will be received within a few seconds and within a few minutes, the top-up of the phone number will take place.

It is possible to top up any phone number of most operators in a few minutes or even seconds.

In addition, taking advantage of the channel concept and block times of Lightning Network, by registering an account on Bitrefill, automatic top-ups could be carried out after a certain number of months or weeks have passed, making the service even more interesting.


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