Blockchain Integration: The hybrid technology era is here
Blockchain Integration: The hybrid technology era is here

Blockchain Integration: The hybrid technology era is here

By Caterina Ferrara - 30 Sep 2019

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The topic of blockchain integration is often an unpopular subject, yet it remains and will remain a central topic. The new emerging technologies are to all intents and purposes integration technologies and the two drivers of the sector are certainly the ever-increasing costs of integration itself and the evolving technological landscape. 

The emergence of transformative technologies is already having a major impact on shaping our destiny but this impact will only be safe and definitive when they all integrate with the blockchain. The best innovations in the technology sector will increasingly arise from contamination between two or more branches apparently distant from each other. 

Good examples that highlight the possibilities of this integration are: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Quantum and Super Computing and Robotics, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies and 5G. 

Here are just a few examples of the advantage of the integration between blockchain and additional emerging technologies.

Blockchain and IoT

When talking about IoT, the term refers to physical objects that communicate with each other over a network, through a device to device and/or device to person communication. 

The blockchain can define, govern and keep track of all the interactions that occur between IoT devices. IoT data can benefit greatly from the blockchain, as the data stored in it cannot be tampered with. 

Another way the blockchain can help the IoT is related to security, which is enhanced by using encryption keys to control access to the IoT data. 

In addition, copies of the record are also distributed in various locations, which means that no single party can manipulate or alter the data.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, for its part, is transforming the data of individuals. To give an example, this is happening with medical data. 

There is a need for a secure and transparent distributed data market that uses blockchain and deep learning to solve the challenges faced by medicine, but also to return control of personal data to patients. In fact, the information provided by users and necessary for automatic learning to develop new knowledge should not be entrusted to a centralised entity but remain distributed. 

An element of attention today in an artificial intelligence system is that it remains a centralised solution in which data is stored centrally, owned and controlled by the group that collects it. Artificial intelligence alone cannot radically change the current business model of many industrial sectors, including, in fact, the health sector, cited in the example. This is because it does not have the capacity to create a decentralised and participatory economy of shared knowledge and insights.

The blockchain helps in protecting the privacy of users, the availability of data, the protection of data sets from errors, manipulation and hacking and offers various guarantees of transparency. A fully decentralised and tokenised data exchange system with a transparent reward model is resistant to attacks, collusion and censorship.

Blockchain ecosystems: a valid integration model.

The Blockchain itself, which can be classified as permissioned and permissionless or even as a private and public blockchain, enjoys the integration of its own subcategories.

A hybrid model represents the way to combine the typical advantages of both types of blockchains. In this way, it is possible to maximise the value extracted from very heterogeneous Blockchain ecosystems.

Caterina Ferrara

Caterina is Blockchain Business Consultant at Almaviva. She is also the Blockchain Ladies & Neuralia Founder.

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