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In Matera surveyors talk about blockchain

In Matera, there will be a conference for surveyors during which they will talk about how to integrate the blockchain in the service of the real estate world. 

The conference, entitled “Surveyors in urban transformation. Matera: from the city of stones to the capital of European culture” (“Il Geometra nella trasformazione urbana. Matera: da città dei sassi a capitale della cultura europea”), will be held on October 1st from 15:30 at the conference centre MH. 

The event will present some previous insights into some surveyors concerning the implementation of new digital tools in the real estate sector, such as those based on blockchain technology. 

In particular, surveyor Giorgio Genangeli will present the project for the renovation of two housing units in the province of Ancona as an example of the integration of the blockchain in the construction industry, a pilot project that opens new prospects for professionals in this sector. 

The Head of Blockchain of IBM Italy, Fabio Malosio, will also speak, illustrating the functions and potential of this technology. 

The conference is dedicated to how technological innovation can help to carry out the work of surveyors, and especially how it can allow to innovate and achieve results which were not possible before in a sector that is usually considered very traditionalist. 

There will also be talks about open government and open data in the Public Administration, adoption of innovative solutions to save time and money on construction projects, new technological systems that analyse cultural sites in 3D, and more. 

The President of the Italian National Surveyors Council, Maurizio Savoncelli, said: 

“The innovation that we support is not only that related to the process or the construction chain: it is a catalyst for ideas, insights, proposals, a mental predisposition that looks to the future and that is fully evident in the surveyor profession. A useful vision for the country, in order to move our experience in this direction at the service of those subjects – from institutions and the world of associations, to scientific and academic communities – engaged in the definition of policies for seismic and hydrogeological prevention, redevelopment of the housing heritage, urban regeneration, smart city and agile land. These measures are necessary to improve the quality of life of people and to help the construction sector make the leap in quality that is already part of the Made in Italy industry”. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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