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Telegram: the TON investor guide is here

A few minutes ago, the Telegram channel dedicated to TON investors published an official press release asking those who had invested in the project to provide the public key by October 16th so that they can transfer the Gram tokens to their wallets.

The press release also included a guide on how to manage the security of the Gram tokens and also how to trade them, providing a checklist of things to keep in mind.

As far as security is concerned, the list explains that TON’s technology is currently not certified and has not been sufficiently tested by the community, which is why the end-user has full responsibility for their keys, both in terms of creation and custody.

Moreover, when using the Telegram mobile wallet, it should be remembered that a release date has not yet been provided and that there could be significant delays with regard to the possibility of using it. In this case, too, the user is warned that the private key is stored on their device and therefore they are the only ones responsible for the eventual loss of the same.

Conversely, if the user wants to use a custody service, the press release explains that these will be announced before the launch of TON which, as we know, will arrive by the end of October.

With regard to the trading aspect, the press release explains that individual traders are required to comply with certain requirements in order to operate with Gram, such as having a verified account, having set the bank transfer correctly for both deposits and withdrawals and having adopted all those security measures to prevent their account from being used by unauthorised parties: procedures such as the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) are recommended.

Finally from the point of view of the broker, the same principles are valid and the press release invites to verify the possibility of using the OTC (Over The Counter) desks and the possibility of using different assets, whether fiat or cryptocurrencies, so as not to be limited by the paring available on the corresponding crypto.

The launch of Telegram’s ambitious project is now very close, so we’ll soon be able to see whether it’s just speculation and a scam, as explained by Tone Vays some time ago.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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