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A partnership between Travala and KuCoin

In a blog post, Travala announced a partnership with the KuCoin exchange to support the KuCoin Shares (KCS) token. 

As can be read in the press release, KuCoin, which is called the “People’s exchange”, will be part, with its KCS token, of the payment solutions offered by the platform that now can boast 18 different cryptocurrencies, as well as payments with fiat. 

The partnership will expand the range of options for users of KuCoin Shares and will also have a practical use for travel, as stressed by the CEO and founder of Travala, Matthew Luczynski:

“We are delighted to see Kucoin add to its use case and help drive real-world usage of cryptocurrencies and the further adoption of cryptocurrencies by the masses”.

In addition, thanks to the Travala SMART program, users who have staked the AVA tokens will also get up to 40% off: those who book with the KCS tokens will receive 5% of tokens back when paying with the new option.

For KuCoin token holders, the partnership with Travala represents a new advantage in addition to the fact that only recently the exchange has introduced a system of staking and cashback for its users in order to distribute bonuses for holding tokens.

This is just the latest partnership announced by Travala. Last month Travala signed an agreement with Waves to also use their tokens as a payment method. In the same month, Travala’s project migrated to the Binance Chain from the previous NEO blockchain This meant that the AVA tokens (NEP5) were replaced by the new AVA tokens (BEP2) without any inconvenience for the end-user.

Travala is increasingly expanding and is ready to become a point of reference not only for cryptonauts but also for ordinary travellers. The discount applied is impressive and, with the SMART program, it is possible to access these benefits and pay comfortably in fiat currency, reaching almost all potential travellers not familiar with the crypto world.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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