Zilliqa: the new .crypto domain extension is here
Zilliqa: the new .crypto domain extension is here

Zilliqa: the new .crypto domain extension is here

By Alfredo de Candia - 11 Oct 2019

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A few minutes ago, Zilliqa published a tweet announcing that the blockchain-based domain service, Unstoppable Domains, has added a second extension.

zilliqa crypto domain extension-

The new extension, .crypto, joins the already active .zil extension, which means that the system now has 2 domain extensions.

This extension service of the future, already active for several months, was launched as an auction in order to sell some domains with the .zil extension. These domains are based on blockchain and are practically incensurable by any authority or body. One example is a state like China that decides to close an uncomfortable website for any reason.

Moreover, the advantage of these blockchain domains is that they are easily transferable from one wallet to another without any problems, which is no small advantage given that in the traditional model, a series of procedures must be carried out to transfer the credentials of a domain to another entity. 

Among other things, the new .crypto extension, until October 21st is included in the purchase of a .zil domain, which means two domains with a single transaction:

This service represents one of the examples in which the power of the blockchain is used to secure information, in this case, the information available within the website itself, in a decentralised and incensurable environment.

Despite the problems of the last period, following the CEO’s abandonment of the project, recently Zilliqa has announced several positive news and at the beginning of the week the token rose by +14%, although it was probably an isolated case. In addition, the team recently announced a partnership with ChainSecurity to improve the security of smart contracts.


Alfredo de Candia

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