Are EOS Improvement Proposals coming to EOS?
Are EOS Improvement Proposals coming to EOS?

Are EOS Improvement Proposals coming to EOS?

By Alfredo de Candia - 15 Oct 2019

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A short while ago, with a post on Medium, pEOS, a project that aims to allow anonymous transactions to be made using EOS, proposed the introduction of EIPs on EOS, which are the EOS Improvement Proposals.

The most popular blockchains, usually, have a large community of developers and experts behind them and, as a result, new solutions are always proposed and introduced, such as bitcoin’s BIPs or Ethereum’s EIPs, tools that are already running and have a great impact on the technological development of the blockchains.

EOS, for now, does not have such a structure partly because the various proposals, made by the community, usually involve a referendum and, depending on the votes that the proposal receives, it is validated or not by the Block Producers (BPs) who integrate the various elements.

The system is certainly democratic but its use is very difficult, making it a valid but ineffective tool. This is why pEOS has proposed the EOS Improvement Proposals.

This proposal is not accidental but comes as a response to an internal discussion within the pEOS team with Daniel Larimer on Twitter where the CTO invited pEOS to draft something that would work well and compete with what is available on Ethereum.

As a result, the statement contains information on the functioning of the EIP, and better still, of the EIP-2, as the EIP-1 is the one that creates the EIPs themselves and implements a compiler toolkit for operations with elliptical curves inside contracts.

In essence, with these EOS Improvement Proposals, it is possible to implement other elliptical curves, such as secp256k1 and secp256r1, allowing to scale and multiply the efficiency of the contracts that the web assembly interpreter uses and consequently speed up the execution of the relative smart contract.

The pEOS team has already published the code for integrating proposals into EOS. In this case, it would be an important upgrade of the blockchain.


Alfredo de Candia

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