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Coinbase Commerce facilitates payments for merchants

Yesterday Coinbase published a press release related to the Coinbase Commerce platform announcing that it is now possible to use the application to pay a merchant regardless of whether the consumer will use Coinbase or another crypto wallet.

The new service allows using a merchant account as an interface to let the user pay comfortably and easily without having to leave the product checkout.

With this new feature, Coinbase Commerce removes the problem of sending the wrong quantities to the merchant causing tedious consequences, which involve informing the user, finding the transaction related to the purchase, checking the difference and then, once everything is verified, sending the difference back to the customer. 

Moreover, this Coinbase Commerce service will allow the parties to move the amount from one account to another without the involvement of a third party because, through the blockchain, it is possible to check the relevant transaction and thus irrefutably demonstrate that the payment was successfully executed.

But the importance and novelty of the service offered by Coinbase consists precisely in the fact, as mentioned above, that the user can use a wallet that is different from that of Coinbase to make the payment to the merchant. This will certainly facilitate the use and eliminate the problem of “compatibility” when using different platforms.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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