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Revolut enters into partnership with MasterCard

Revolut has just announced that, by the end of the year, it will launch its debit card in the United States, thanks to a major partnership with MasterCard.

Revolut has relied on MasterCard since 2015 for its cards and so the latter has been able to witness the success of the card in Europe, thanks to its cutting-edge consumer financial services and facilitated money management.

Obviously, this overseas expansion is only the tip of the iceberg, because the collaboration between the two companies will also reach other markets, such as the Asian Pacific and Latin American, which include Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and Mexico.

An important milestone for Revolut over the years has also been the participation in the acceleration program created by MasterCard, Start Path, which allows the winners to make their technology known throughout the world, which is a significant boost considering that MasterCard is one of the giants for digital payments and credit cards.

The team’s commitment is constant and, according to Revolut CEO Nik Storonsky, millions of users will be reached as a result of dedicated teamwork:

“As a launch partner of Revolut, Mastercard has been an important contributor to our success, and today’s agreement will enable us to meet our ambitious goal of offering innovative financial and payment solutions to people all over the world. Launching in the U.S. will be a huge milestone for us, and we are delighted Mastercard will be our go-to-market partner.”

MasterCard also emphasised their commitment to the fintech industry and how they believe in Revolut, as stressed by MasterCard’s CPO, Michael Miebach:

“Having partnered with Revolut over the last four years, we are delighted that our relationship continues to grow and meet our collective global ambitions. Revolut’s success and its speed to new markets, such as the US, is welcome proof of our commitment to tailoring support for fintechs. Broadening Revolut’s global reach will enable millions more people around the world to benefit from Mastercard’s worldwide acceptance footprint and Revolut’s ground breaking financial services.”

Ultimately, this partnership allows not only to disseminate the cards but also to introduce various tools from the MasterCard platform, such as MasterCard Send, a system that allows sending money both nationally and internationally.


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