Stefan Rust: exclusive interview at CC London Forum 2019

Stefan Rust: exclusive interview at CC London Forum 2019

By Francesco Redaelli - 23 Oct 2019

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During the CC London Forum 2019 event, The Cryptonomist interviewed’s new CEO, Stefan Rust.

Rust has recently been appointed CEO of the platform, replacing Roger Ver who will remain as executive chairman.

Previously, Rust had worked as the CXO of EnergyBox, a cloud-based software platform, and was co-founder of Exicon, a mobile marketing automation platform that aggregates social data and more in order to automate user engagement.

During this interview, Rust told us about Bitcoin Cash futures contracts, upcoming projects related to the BCH exchange and blockchain, the development of Nimbus smart contracts and much more.

Some time ago, David Shin had anticipated some news about futures based on BCH.

Check out Stefan Rust’s interview at the CC Forum 2019:


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