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Opstart: crowdfunding with bitcoin

The equity crowdfunding platform Opstart has started to accept bitcoin payments thanks to the collaboration with Tinkl.it, a platform that helps companies accept bitcoin (BTC) transactions. 

Customers with a BTC account can use this payment method on Opstart following a simple procedure. This involves the use of a QR Code generated by the tinkl.it service to send the desired amount in bitcoin from the user’s wallet.

“We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our services. We are happy to meet the needs of investors by allowing cryptocurrency payments, an increasingly popular system in the fintech sphere,” said Giovanpaolo Arioldi, CEO of Opstart.  

Crowdfunding 3.0.

Some experts have defined cryptocurrencies – in reference to ICOs/IEOs/STOs – a form of crowdfunding 3.0: in fact, just as the Internet has allowed the birth of crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies are revolutionising the way in which capital is raised.

Opstart has also recently launched the Crowdtrading service, a platform that allows investors to resell and buy the shares of innovative start-ups and SMEs; and Crowdlisting, a medium-term path that combines technical listing tools with crowd investments to lead start-ups and SMEs towards Euronext market listing, with times and costs much lower than those of IPOs.

Those who participate in Opstart’s active campaigns are currently also entitled to the tax benefits provided for by the Italian Budget Law of 2019, which increased the rate from 30 to 40% for those investing in startups, a demonstration of the importance of crowdfunding and the fintech sector.

Since its launch in 2016, Opstart has launched 18 campaigns collecting over 8 million euros from more than 400 investors.


Amelia Tomasicchio
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