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Italy: where to pay with cryptocurrencies?

In the vast landscape, many people wonder where to pay with cryptocurrencies, since it is often not easy to understand the practical use of these digital assets in everyday life.

If we analyse the map of Italy taking into account the physical places where to pay with cryptocurrencies, excluding the online ones, it is possible to see that the situation is very different from what is believed by those who think that cryptocurrencies are not accepted by physical shops.

Similar to the weather forecast, the red zones are the largest concentr

ations of physical stores that accept cryptocurrencies according to data from Coinmap.org: in northern Italy there is a very strong concentration, mainly focused on Milan, Verona, Parma, Florence, Venice and San Marino.

The situation is very different and with few concentrations in central Italy, where only the capital has a very large area of shops that accept crypto payments. Other hot spots are in Siena, Perugia and Pescara.

Things are not better in the south, as the only interesting areas are Naples and Reggio Calabria. The rest of the small shops where to pay with cryptocurrencies are all located in the Adriatic coastal areas and very few if any towards the hinterland. 

As far as the islands are concerned, here too, there is a proliferation of crypto-friendly shops on the coastal areas with peaks in Palermo, Catania and Syracuse in the case of Sicily; Cagliari and Olbia in Sardinia.

Overall, it is clear that Italy is not so far behind in terms of the integration of these payment methods. It is worth noting that online shops have to be added to the physical shops mentioned.

Where to pay with cryptocurrencies?

One of the most updated maps to understand where to buy goods and services with crypto is QuiBitcoin, which shows that Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto are the three regions of Italy where bitcoin is used the most, especially in shops and services. 

Catering, for its part, is in third place with almost 12%.

The municipality with the most shops that accept bitcoin is Rome, followed by Milan and Rovereto.

Italian ecommerce that accepts crypto

In a report of a few days ago, it was discovered that in Italy bitcoin is the third most used online payment method.

On Italian ecommerce platforms, in fact, bitcoin is used on average 215,800 times a month. The queen of cryptocurrency manages to do even better than American Express, which ranks fourth in this ranking with 189,000 monthly transactions. 

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